Thursday, August 30, 2007

One Wisconsin Now And Its Blogger Gets Respect

The Madison Capital Times publishes a major profile on Cory Liebmann, the blogger/"netroots" coordinator at One Wisconsin Now, (OWN), highlighting both the organization's emergence as a statewide political force and Liebmann's investigative work into now-State Supreme Court jurist Annette Ziegler's stock holdings.

So congratulations to OWN and to Cory.

One Wisconsin Now has also hired Scot Ross as its Executive Director.

The activist organization is playing a key role across the state in the health care reform debate, and expects to continue and broaden its issue-based activities.

(Disclosure: I am on OWN's board).


Anonymous said...

Respect? I thought they were dressed down. Then again, you liberals are so disconnected from economics, reality and all that makes sense to the universe that even something like this seems like praise.

In that case - congrats. Well deserved.

James Rowen said...

You must be reading another newspaper story. I'm reading the one with the comment from the GOP strategist that says it better copy the OWN plan.
But thanks for sharing.