Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Petition Drive, Ads Against British Petroleum Gaining Strength

The Chicago Tribune reports that the petition drive against British Petroleum over the oil company's plan to increase pollution dumping into Lake Michigan is gaining strength.

Picketing at some BP stations in the Midwest has been reported. Ads are running in Chicago, all adding more public pressure to force Indiana officials to rethink and rescind their permission permitting BP to add tons more ammonia and sludge daily to Lake Michigan at the Whiting, IN refinery.

Here's a YouTube posting about this regional outrage, courtesy of US Sen. Dick Durbin, (D-IL).

Wisconsin politicos, some of whom are distrubinglin silent on this crucial issue: Take note: that's leadership!

Do your part: sign an online petition - - one opportunity here - - another here - - and buy your gasoline elsewhere.

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