Saturday, August 18, 2007

Journal Sentinel Demands Action On Great Lakes Water Loss

The Journal Sentinel editorial board is correct in calling for quick action to fill and repair earlier dredging in a key Great Lakes waterway that has allowed untold billions of gallons of fresh water - - an estimated 2.25 billion daily - - to flow senselessly into the Atlantic Ocean.

It's another important voice added to others - - this blog included - - demanding more assertive action on the part of Wisconsin officials when it comes to protecting and preserving the Great Lakes.

This is a big issue in Canada, too, where politicians and groups are joining American counterparts looking for decisive, remedial action.

One alternative is to wait for the results of a proposed, three-year study, but the planning to launch the study isn't even completed, meaning there could be a delay of about five years before a plan to plug the drain in the Great Lakes.

That's absurd.

Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle is chairman of the influential Council of Great Lakes governors, and could play a leadership role in fixing this hole in the Great Lakes, if he chose to do so.

The time for action is now.

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