Friday, August 10, 2007

A New Talk Radio Dynamic: On The Defensive

I caught a bit of Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker on Charlie Sykes' AM 620 WTMJ morning show Friday, and I was struck by a couple of things:

Walker was again defending his actions with regard to the latest County pension scandal. He'd been on the ball, Walker claimed. Had done a lot. Was still peeling back the onion, as if that was aggressive reform.

And explaining, again, why he opposed Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett's downtown trolley plan.

Charlie had earlier bemoaned the election in a special county board election of the lesser-conservative candidate, whom Walker had promoted.

Walker and Charlie were clearly on the defensive. They had seen an election go the other way. Walker has taken a beating on the Journal Sentinel editorial pages over his trolley obstructionism, and still faces long-term political damage over a pension scandal that festered on his watch for five years.

Walker still gets a free ride on conservative AM talk radio, but it's to explain, explain, explain, and justify, justify, justify.

Not to boast, brag, and back-slap.

In politics, continuing to explain yourself is the same thing as admitting you're losing.

I can hear the sound of the air going out of a once high-riding political-and-media balloon.

2 comments: said...

But still, there is no one challenging Walker for election next spring.

What will it take? A full scale meltdown? Bowing out in disgrace?

It's time for someone to step up. A charismatic candidate with money to spare would be optimal but I would hope the public would rally behind anyone but Walker.

capper said...

I wouldn't worry too much about no one announcing a run against Walker yet. It is only the middle of August and most people are still trying to enjoy what's left of the summer. There is also a certain amount of burnout from all the presidential politicking.

I would suspect that after Labor Day, there will be a number of announcements. Walker is too vulnerable to let the opportunity go by.