Thursday, August 9, 2007

Tommy's Self-Destructive National Campaign Limping To Merciful Conclusion

Our boy Tommy will have to work long and hard to recover from his misstep into national politics.

An Iowa survey on the eve of the statewide Iowa straw poll, on which Tommy had premised his entire goofy presidential bid, shows him polling somewhere between less than 1% and 2.1% - - generously described in the Journal Sentinel as not getting much traction.


xoff said...

He may do better in the straw poll. As I understand it, it's a matter of who can load the most supporters onto buses, paid for by the campaign, and haul them to Ames while plying them with free food and drink. In return, you hope they will remember to vote for you when they get there.

With some of the biggies opting out, Tommy could do better than we expect -- but that's only because our expectations are so low.

Remember, he said he would be "shocked" if he doesn't win.

James Rowen said...

Bill could easily be right. A true Tommy thumping might end his campaign before his 8/20 scheduled sit-down with Mr. Stewart of The Daily Show.

Hard to know what to pull for.