Thursday, November 5, 2015

You'll never get transit, clean air or social justice

If you keep funding the WisDOT concrete machine with education and health care dollars or other people's borrowed money.


Anonymous said...

Sadly Walker and his gang of Republican legislators don't givea rat's behind about transit, clean air or social programs as their money comes from corporate donors and CEO's who profit from ripping off people, paying poverty wages ,raping the environment and denying people benefits when it impairs their capitalistic greed! Put simply Walker and his legislators don't care about people ....they only care about big money capitalists as they are the ones who buy legislators and governors who in turn give them government of, for and by the few and the rich!

Unknown said...

Actually, 6 republicans got it right and aren't they pushing an audit of road spending? That's a good start. What are the democrats thinking? This is a misguided, bi-partisan fail. Check out traffic and crash data on the I-90 project, WISPIRG has studied this project and found it unnecessary. Some Republicans are starting to wake up to roadbuilder waste, time for the dems to catch up and wake up!