Tuesday, November 24, 2015

An argument in favor of continuing wolf hunt ban

The Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin blog is carrying a new post that argues against lifting the current federal ban on grey wolf hunting in several states that suspended the controversial Wisconsin wolf hunt following last year's 'harvest.'
Wolves must remain under federal protection until individual states, such as Wisconsin, can learn how to protect an iconic species. Scientists have just begun to understand how essential wolves are to maintaining healthy ecosystems. 
Hunting wolves as a management tool only serves special interest groups bent on eradication. 
Wisconsin is killing its wolves
Here is an additional post that supports the allegation that Wisconsin's wolf hunting (dogs allowed, only in Wisconsin) and permissible hound training laws and practices were among the most cruel:
You might also want to read up on various baiting and hunting training methods allowed by state law in Wisconsin.
Wisconsin Licenses, Tolerates Wildlife Cruelty 


Anonymous said...

We must remember Walker wanted a DNR to serve as the "Chamber of Commerce" for misuse and abuse of Wisconsin's resources and they have no use for science nor studies of anything. Wisconsin government now serve to generate profits for special interests and they care nothing for the environment nor the average citizen living in this state.

Anonymous said...

What you fail to mention is that over 20 respected, and renowned scientists who are wolf experts have signed a letter requesting that the US Fish and Wildlife delist the wolf as endangered.

However I suppose that Rachel Tilseth is more of an expert and understands science better than the wolf expert scientists.

Joe R said...

Snarky Anon @ 4:14 -- It's not just Rachel Tilseth. Other respected and renowned scientists disagree about delisting.

See http://www.jsonline.com/news/wisconsin/scientists-disagree-with-colleagues-on-gray-wolves-b99622586z1-353194351.html