Tuesday, November 3, 2015

As WI GOP legislators fiddle over bigger campaign donations...

...and after having run every option in the trickle-down ideologues' playbook coordinated for fifty-eight months across all three branches of government that provided room-service environmental de-regulation, tax reductions, public union-scapegoating and Act 10 battering, state loans and grants to businesses without strings, new laws instituting 'right-to-work' while wiping out big-project prevailing wages on top of an unaltered lowest-end $7.25 hourly minimum wage - - the shaky Wisconsin economy is still shedding good jobs (also at GE, Borden, Hamlin, etc.) without our leaders having or working on a promising or productive plan A, B, or C.

Yes, Bucky got Voter ID, deep cuts to higher education, concealed gun carry with Castle Doctrine cherry-on-top, mandatory abstinence education in the classroom, a diminished and demonized Planned Parenthood - - but also lost out on far more than a billion dollars of federal Medicaid, food stamp, Amtrak, education and Internet-expansion funding.

So the question is, still, after five years of one-party rule:

Where are the jobs?

One more thing: Let's not have any editorials or talking point press releases about how government doesn't create jobs.

Whether it was the Bucks arena, or WEDC promises, or every TIF ever approved in WI, there was always a job-creation aspect pledged.


Unknown said...

I keep asking myself the same question. My guess is the GOP will roll out the talking point: government doesn't create jobs. We will all believe them after they repeat the statement a few more times. Local editorials will deliver the same talking point. TV media will rinse and repeat. Then we can all live happily -devided.

James Rowen said...

When business wants public money - - see the new NBA arena, Von Maur in Brookfield and every TIF and IRB and WEDC application, too - - the number of jobs created with government aid is always touted.

Anonymous said...

Walker's repeated quote: "Employers across the state frequently tell me they have good paying jobs available in high demand fields but need workers to be drug free." For God's sake every person in need of a job in Wisconsin must be on drugs if these great jobs keep going unfilled. Also every out of state worker in need of a job must also not be drug free other wise they'd be coming across the border to scoop up these good paying jobs. Obviously this is another Walker lie just used to enforce his drug testing law. Walker and his Republican legislators have no interest in creating jobs as they care nothing for Wisconsin's economy. Their party under Walker's direction has made serving special interests their only priority as that's where the big donor dollars come from! The only way the economy will take center stage is to throw them all out in 2016 by using primaries to overcome their gerrymandered safe districts!

Unknown said...

I wonder if it would have been cheaper to accept the $1B rail investment versus - trying - to dig a big hole.

It'd be neat to talk about a couple north/south rail routes so every Wisconsin citizen could enjoy the new Bucks areana. Maybe a new HWY 29 /rail cooridor to shuffle us safely to Green Bay for a Packers game. Or, to visit the east coast of Wisconsin.

Boy, it'd be fun to have a beer while taking the train to Milwaukee for summer fest. Visit the Harley museum. Or, a Brewers game.

Heck, I might even make it to Chicago.

I can dream - for now.