Saturday, November 21, 2015

Remember Lake Erie's algae poisoning? Well, follow the manure

It was and is a crisis, and taxpayers are enabling it, says this report:

 - a report that takes an unprecedented look at the relationship between the manure load from factory farms in the Western Lake Erie Watershed (WLEW) and the federal subsidies that have poured into the region to facilities that generate that waste over the last seven years. 
Between 2008 and 2015, U.S. Department of Agriculture direct payments, cost‐ shares and other conservation subsidies to owners of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) totaled more than $16.8 million in the WLEW, which includes Ohio, southern Michigan and eastern Indiana.
This report shows that millions of dollars in taxpayer funds continued to be disbursed, even as phosphorus contamination levels in the WLEW climbed and CAFOs in the watershed were fined for illegal waste discharges.


Anonymous said...

It's just terrible that large Urban populations, which keep growing, need to eat, and that the only way 7 Billion+ humans can be fed is with factory farms.

Save the Planet! Kill yourself! One less mouth to feed, and one less Hen who has to suffer in a factory farm.

Anonymous said...

Walker says there has to be a balance between the profits his donors make by raping the environment and the environment being saved for future generations. In essence Walker doesn't give a sh#* about Wisconsin's environment nor its future generations!

Anonymous said...

Walker will be long gone but devastation from his environmental rape will be seen for decades. Tricky Dick- perhaps you should volunteer to inject liquid manure into frozen ground and don't forget to stick around while it oozes back up around your ankles and flows into the nearest creek.

Anonymous said...

288 CAFOs in our state? Peeeyewwwwwww. Is this really the anniversary of the military/industrial coup fifty-some years ago? (The look and smell of corruption is overwhelming.)

nonquixote said...

@tricky-- Repetition of the lies of industrial ag, chemical purveyors and seed monopolists, FAO studies have shown over 80% of the world's food supply still originates with small gardens and farms on small plots and using only immediate family members as their sole source of those farm's labor.