Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Where are the WI Jobs?, Part II

Having asked the question after a wave of big business layoffs, here, we update it with a round of breaking news about more layoffs in the Open for Business state, here:

Quad/Graphics to close plants, cut $100 million in costs

Dairy equipment maker BouMatic to cut 59 jobs in Madison

Target closing West Brown Deer Road store near former Northridge Mall

Note that the Quad/Graphics closing locations have yet to be announced; work may be moved to WI, but still nets out as a loss if at another state's expense.


Anonymous said...

How do these Republicans live with themselves? I mean, they have complete power over everything in this state and our economy is not just stagnating but it is tanking.

Anonymous said...

Where are the jobs? Under scott walker's desk (nudge-nudge, wink-wink, say-no-more, say-no-more...)

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Wait till tomorrow. Prosperity is juuuust around the corner.

By the way, why are factories closing their doors all over the state. I thought (right-to) work for less would solve all that by making it cheap to hire. It didnt???

Anonymous said...

Georgia Pacific, owned by you know who, is closing their plant in Phillips leaving about 60 workers without a job.

my5cents said...

I remember when I was kicked out of my job (due to no fault of mine) in January 2009 the newspapers were commenting that if the state did nothing jobs would be plentiful by the end of 2014.

Unfortunately, the Republicans could not leave well enough alone and ended up making it worse. What will it take for them to learn not to interfere with what works. First thing Walker did was cut funding to tech schools where many of those unemployed needed to go for training to get those higher skilled jobs. Now he says education is important. It was more important back then and they should have been supporting the unemployed to get back into school, but they made it harder.

Instead of drug testing W-2 recipients and making Foodshare recipients get photo ID cards for their families, how about investing that money into getting more people into jobs. Can someone explain how one family member's photo on a Foodshare card will work when anyone in the family can use the card to shop for food? Will they put every family member's photo on one card or issue multiple cards to families. How will they do that?

Why are so many factories cutting back and/or leaving Wisconsin. Didn't they get their generous tax breaks? Why wasn't that enough? Republicans think that's the only way to grow jobs, but it doesn't work. So, why do they keep doing it?

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Yup. Closed it on the same week they sponsored a Badger football game as a "community partner."

Peter Felknor said...

And the latest and greatest: Oscar Mayer Madison (1250 jobs). News just broke.

Anonymous said...

Walker looks like he is selling his house in Tosa..first he sells off public assets and legislative favors and now he looks to be getting out of WI real estate. Interesting, huh? Is it getting too tough for our grifting Governor?!

Humanities_excite said...

It's a long-shot, but perhaps Walker's "freedom and prosperity" budget aims at a zen existence for WI, where worldly goods and ownership are extinguished.