Thursday, November 12, 2015

Greenhouse gas pollution hits historic high

Smokestack air pollution has crossed into dangerous and unprecedented levels.

The response of Wisconsin's GOP politicians is to take the federal government to court to try and prevent reductions in these harmful emissions, and to put policy, legal and fee barriers in the way of cleaner, renewable energy production, thus answering that age-old question:

"What kind of world are we leaving for our children and grandchildren?"
EPA to issue rules on smokestack greenhouse gases soon


Anonymous said...

Why do Wisconsinites want our air and water polluted? We know the Republican's are funded and financed by corporate capitalists who care nothing for planet earth but only for profits and returns on stock investments. They buy legislators so that corporate America can buy legislation that denies environmental protection. The people have placed their trust in those they elect to serve their best interests. That trust is now misplaced as elected officials are now owned by special interest groups that have not only bought legislation but they have bought state legislators and congressmen through campaign funding and they keep these lawmakers in their pocket to do their bidding when ever needed. The planet is in danger of dying but our elected officials continue to put profit before people and economic greed before public need. A revolution is indeed needed and the only way to bring this about is to vote them all out of office and replace them with leaders that care more about people than they do political parties.

Anonymous said...

WMC says that new EPA rules will thwart job development in Wisconsin. Hello.............continued air, water and land pollution will kill the planet and there will be no need for jobs!!!!! Earth to WMC ......come in.