Sunday, November 22, 2015

Another report about Wisconsinites denied clean drinking water

The Center for Investigation Reporting continues a run of important stories about the state's troubled waters with yet another piece about Wisconsin residents who  - - in this the year 2015 - - do not have access to safe drinking water.  Here's the latest with a Sauk City dateline:
The source of the contamination: the now-closed Badger Army Ammunition Plant.
Badger was a military installation built in 1942 on more than 7,000 acres near Baraboo…
During its operation, the plant pumped excess chemicals and millions of gallons of wastewater into Lake Wisconsin and burned toxic substances in large pits on the site, leaving the soil, surface and groundwater contaminated with a dangerous stew of chemicals, including some known or likely to cause cancer... 
While the land is being redeveloped for recreation, dairy research and tribal uses, the groundwater under the Badger site remains polluted.
Another summary dealing with various Wisconsin water issues, here.

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