Monday, November 9, 2015

Meanwhile, two miles north of Alma, WI

Media put the derailment of 32 train cars and leakage of about 20,000 gallons of ethanol into the Mississippi River at a location about two miles north of Alma, Wisconsin:
A large Burlington Northern tanker train derailed along the Mississippi River approximately two miles north of Alma, Wis. on Saturday morning, prompting several road closures and a temporary voluntary evacuation of the area.
Also two miles north of Alma:
RIECK'S LAKE PARK Two miles north of Alma is Rieck's Lake Park offering two wildlife observation decks, camping and open-roofed shelters for family gatherings.  Rieck's Lake has often been a favorite for tundra swans along the Mississippi River Flyway as they migrate in the fall and spring.  Wings Over Alma provides a seasonal count of tundra swans and their locations during swan season (late October to early November). Information posted at or call the Center at 608-685-3303.

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