Sunday, November 15, 2015

Locking down WI takes another right turn

[Updated] The right is continuing to expand its power in Wisconsin:

*  The Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce and GOP Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel are backing a move before the right-tilted State Supreme Court that is designed to weaken the independence of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction and transfer key policy and rule-making responsibilities from that office to the Governor- - joining other ideological power grabs, including:

*  Passing pro-business wetlands, shoreline and groundwater control and development policies that minimize public input and water/resource access, check, 

*  Enabling Act 10 public-employee union busting, check,

*  Obstructing ballot access through diminished hours and voter I, √√

*  Degrading the Independent Office of the Secretary of State,

*  Weakening public schools systems and axpanding private choice school funding,

*  Enacting 'right to work' legislation and repealing prevailing wage provisions - - private-sector union busting, check and check, √√

*  Installing a weak judicial recusal code written in part by the WMC,

*  Ending Shirley Abahamson's State Supreme Court Chief Justiceship - - midterm, √

*  Guaranteeing favorable rulings with a WMC-aided majority on the State Supreme Court, √ 

*  Monday Update - - ending Smart Growth planning, √


Sue said...

"Evers argues the decision should not be reversed because courts are supposed to follow precedent and there are no new facts or conflicting rulings that should prompt the court to reverse course."
There is actually a very big new fact. The Wisconsin Supreme Court is blatantly pro-Walker. He wants this, he shall have it.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like big intrusive government or fascism. Scott Walker is a dangerous man that should not hold power of any kind.