Monday, June 3, 2013

Be Wary Of Republicans Speaking In Modifiers

Adverbs, adjectives - - you remember your junior high school English lessons, yes?

But in the political world, they can be a "tell" for hiding the 'truth' being highlighted.

So - - sincerely, a modest, modest question? Why do these guys need the qualifiers?

This headlined example from US Sen. Ron Johnson late last week  - - Johnson tells immigration advocates: "I sincerely want to solve the problem" - - reminds me of this classic, double-dipper by Scott Walker when describing his Act 10 demands  - - "these are modest, modest requests...."


Anonymous said...

I like this. Johnson isn't the least bit sincere so he projects.

Anonymous said...

"modest, modest" reminds me of john erlichman's "twisting slowly, slowly in the wind."