Saturday, June 8, 2013

Walker's Curious But Fake Complaints Over Opposition 'Attacks'

With Democrats pounding away on his failed jobs promises and falling state employment and growth rankings, Scott Walker responded with these curious words, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

"What they are going to do, because they got nothing to offer in response, they are going to attack and attack and attack and attack and attack, and then attack again," he said.
What came to mind first was his repeating and repeating and repeating "attack and attack and attack..." That's a signature rhetorical device belonging to and amplified frequently by Mark Belling, the 1130 WISN-AM afternoon and often angry rightly radio talker.

Walker's words could have been the deliberate work of staff, or the Governor himself, to feed back a talk radio mantra to the faithful, or a subconscious homage to Belling on whose show Walker has often appeared.

Affirming the relationships between Walker and right-wing talk radio already noted:

But either way, his summoning, via complaining, of a staple of talk radio - -  itself an attacking forum and format - - is pretty ironic.

Secondly, is Walker looking for an exemption from a Poli Sci 101 axiom - - that incumbents must defend their record against challengers' attacks.

Which is precisely how Walker ran against the records of Tom Ament and Jim Doyle, though neither were on the ballot?


The World Around Me said...

', is Walker looking for an exemption from a Poli Sci 101 axiom - - that incumbents must defend their record against challengers' attacks.' < brilliantly worded. That really made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he uses the same words repeatedly because he doesn't know any others. Dope.

Anonymous said...

The "jobs creation" mantra is the best plan we have to defeat Scott Walker. We don't have money thanks to Act 10, we don't have 1 talk radio show, and we don't have a candidate. It's going to work because nobody would vote for a Governor with his awful record.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

the best plan we have

What do you mean "We", Kemo Sabe?

Jake formerly of the LP said...

He doesn't really sound "Unintimidated," does he?

You broke this state, Governor, so you OWN the bad results.

Bill Kurtz said...

A conservative friend told me he heard a talk by Murray Chotiner, Richard Nixon's original political strategist. He said Chotiner's advice to prospective candidates was "Attack, attack, attack, attack, and attack, until your opponent attacks you. Then yell 'smear,' and go back on the attack."