Tuesday, June 11, 2013

More Discussion Of Waukesha's Lake Michigan Water Diversion Timeline

The Journal Sentinel addresses the diversion application timetable and obstacles, here:

Waukesha charts aggressive course in Lake Michigan water bid
I'd offered commentary earlier Monday, here
Waukesha Looks To Prompt Diversion Reviews; History Suggests Otherwise


Anonymous said...

And just today, Alderman Paul Ybarra of Waukesha announced in the Waukesha Freman that he will not seek re-election.

Alderman Ybarra is the former President of the Waukesha Common Council and a chief supporter of the application for a Lake Michigan diversion exception.

Abandon ship!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Waukesha and Lake Michigan water. There is a pipeline being put down 84th street in West Allis. From just south of Lincoln Ave to Beloit Rd (estimated). Rumors are that it's related to the recent gas line upgrades being done in the area. Rumors also have it listed as a water line being laid to bring in or remove Lake Michigan water to Waukesha. No one seems to know for sure what's being done in that area including area residents. Do you know the real story?

A. Wag said...

Ybarra is not just not seeking re-election: he was just re-elected this April 2013!

He is stepping down 2 months after running unopposed.

He's the first rat to jump overboard the sinking ship USSR Waukesha.

Water Lily said...

From a comment I posted earlier today in Mke JS:

WaterLily - Today at 1:48 PM -

"Follow the money" has never been more true or pertinent than as applied to Waukesha's bid for Lake Michigan water: Water Utility GM Dan Duchniak will receive a hefty bonus, courtesy of Waukesha city residents, if the diversion goes through. He already drives a taxpayer-paid SUV, receives a cushy salary and is exempt from city residency requirements. Whatever the end result, he'll move on to a bigger, even better paid post somehow.

The diversion application is not really about serving the City of Waukesha residents with radium compliant water. It's all about development: about paving over every inch of Waukesha County with strip malls, big box retail, 4-lane roads and numbingly beige-on-beige subdivisions.

Water Utility Commission President-For-Life, Dan Warren, admits he hired Duchniak as the likeliest horse to bring in the diversion. (Duchniak had also worked for Oak Creek and Franklin water utilities.) Warren also serves as President of the School District of Waukesha board and Development Manager of the previously upscale Pabst Farms, now in downscale mode of begging Walmart and other big box-ers to settle in where Nordstroms and Anne Taylor were to have been sited. The School District, Water Utility and Pabst farms have been scratching each other's backs on this issue, as well as a four-lane bypass around Waukesha. A failure trifecta.

Once money was spent, and egos and careers fully engaged, diversion was a done deal. Science, planning, natural resources, public health, public opinion, cost and sustainability were paved over faster than a 4-lane through a wetland--no mitigation.