Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Big Government Keeps Gas Prices High In Wisconsin

Don't forget that WI state law adds 9% to gas prices now hitting $4.25/gal.

For real:

Wisconsin...authorities have stepped in to investigate after a month-long price war between local gas stations in Oconto County saw four stations offering prices as low as $3.39 a gallon this past week — nearly 50 cents less than other stations in the area, WBAY reports.

Wisconsin law says gas must be sold at a minimum 9% mark-up on the wholesale cost, to help protect smaller companies, reports Fox 11.
WI motorists also pay 32.9 cent per gallon state tax, the 4th highest in the nation - - and most of that tax goes to feed the road-building machine.

As driving declines.


Anonymous said...

Helps pay the societal costs of auto transportation. I'm not sure I see a problem. Canada, which is just as car-dependent in most of the country, pays a lot more.

Anonymous said...

Blame ethanal. It's summer blend time.

Is just doesn't make sense to keep using this environmental wrecking and government mandated petroleum blend. It takes massive amounts of aquifer water to produce, reduces gas milage, upsets the food chain and increases transportation costs.

What's to like?

Other Side said...

Frankly, though it would impact my pocketbook and, of course the economy in the short run, raising the price of gas doesn't bother me. We've maintained artificially low prices while the rest of the world pays much, much more. Raising prices would slow consumption, provide impetus for alternate energy, and quite likely make us look at expanding mass transit in a better light.