Monday, June 17, 2013

WTMJ Radio Talker Speaks Up For Offensive High School Indian Mascots

Righty talker, former Federal prosecutor and local control hypocrite Jeff Wagner is at it again, calling for the Legislature to bypass an 'activist' State Supreme Court and adopt a law to enable local school districts to keep their Native American mascots and nicknames.

He's long continued to call the Marquette Golden Eagles by their discredited "Warriors" nickname - - discarded by the school's more-enlightened Jesuit leadership as offensive.

And laughably - - what a hypocrite - - Wagner says it's a matter of local control - - the very principle GOP legislators and Scott Walker have have destroyed with Wagner's cheer-leading through Act 10 collective bargaining wipeouts, local residency ordinance overrides, and other imperious decrees from on high.

Milwaukee's proposed streetcar plan is a Wagner frequent topic: Shouldn't Milwaukee have the right to implement it under local control without interference from the Governor, legislature and PSC?

So the question is: Why does Wagner want the Legislature and others to go out of their way to offend this minority group?

Since when is deliberate offense anything to laud?

Would he take the same position if Catholics, Jews, Asians, African-Americans or others were similarly and intentionally targeted?


Other Side said...

Well, African Americans at the very least.

Gareth said...

Is this the social climate which innovative technology companies, for instance, are looking for when they make decisions about where to set-up new operations? These companies need to recruit the best employees nation-wide, from across the racial and ethnic spectrum. Do they really want to locate in a state where the largest media company, Journal Communications, is constantly and deliberately stoking racial hatred?

Thank you JS, for creating the very business uncertainty that you pretend to criticize.