Monday, June 24, 2013

Commenters On Iron Mine Not Afraid To Stereotype

Hat tip to Shakara Robinson for following closely the Brookfield rock waste dump story - - I'd linked to one of her earlier stories, here, and noted the ironic connections to the iron mine rock waste controversy Up North - - but it didn't take long for the comment section to go depressingly negative.

People have no inhibitions, it seems - - (I took out the identifying ID hotlinks because took you to Facebook, making others' pages visible):

....most of the permanent residents in Ashland and Iron County want the Mine, except those that pray to the fish gods, wind gods, tree gods and have no interest in working for a living where they may have to pay taxes because they finally earn enough to do so. Might have to pay for their phones, food and what ever entitlements they are receiving. There will be substantial improvements to that area, just like at our dead beat quarry. There always is that element. Those in charge have to look for the betterment of all in the area when the project is finished. Now watch our liberal media blow this whole idea out of proportion to the good it will do in the end for all of us. 


Other Side said...

Why is it always the "liberal media's" fault when people say stupid things and get called on it.

Anonymous said...

Right. Hate the mines.
But on the other hand, I had to LOL @ your headline. I'll remember it the next time you write one of your extremely denigrating stereotyping marginally uninformed knee-jerk talking point hissy-fit rants where you say that gun owners are low-class in-bred morons who are "obviously compensating" blah blah blah your usual diatribe with thick rich stereotype sauce poured all over it.
Like I always say - you're a funny guy. Apparently a funny guy without a mirror to look into. O_o

James Rowen said...

To Anonytox: Good luck with that.

Other Side said...

@anonytox: Talk about stereotyping. The irony drips.

Ashland Resident said...

Except that the single issue pro-mine candidate for Iron and Ashland county lost BADLY 2 the Democrat in the last election. Guess locals really don't want the mine.