Monday, June 10, 2013

Evasions In Walker's USA Today Interview

Walker was interviewed by US Today about the Tea Party Governors - - a label he's escaped in the past - - and I note a few more things in the paper's posted video:

*  Walker says those Governors will be evaluated come re-election time by their states' economic progress, and he focuses on falling unemployment rates - - a factor not entirely illustrative of a better jobs climate because a falling rate often speaks to significant numbers of discouraged long-term jobless having quit searching for work.

And a falling rate certainly does not address wages, or the growth in low-end service work, and other factors.

But Walker set himself up to be held to a unique, measurable performance standard than the other governors Tea Party will face in their 2014 races - - the 250,000 new private jobs' pledge he made and repeated since 2010  - - while data show Walker is 50% behind meeting the goal with Wisconsin bringing up the rear in the Midwest and close to the bottom in national job and growth rankings.

Interviewers have got to hold Walker accountable to the special measurement he created boastfully in his 2010 general and 2012 recall campaigns.

*  Secondly - - Walker tells the interviewer the Tea Party governors have appeal because they are keeping their promises - - but the truth is that in Wisconsin, Walker's signature move - - creating Act 10 and ending most public sector collective bargaining  - - was a scheme withheld from the public during the 2010 campaign rather than a promise made and a kept..

Which is as evasive or untrustworthy as making a promise and breaking it..

*  Finally - - I swear on the video Walker calls Florida Gov.Rick Scott Rich Scott.

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