Monday, June 17, 2013

Powerful Video About Threat To Wisconsin Water

Here is the link.

The Assembly is set to allow over-pumping of state groundwater by slipping that permission into the state budget tomorrow - - no hearings, no science, no data, no citizen challenges, or common sense allowed.


clyde said...

No matter how water is "used", there is, and will be, the same water (and no more of it) than the water that was here before the first human beings first walked on earth.
All living beings on Planet Earth have to use and reuse the same water that we started with.

Humans are now using - and abusing - water (in contrast to the use made of water by other forms of life) in ways that damage or destroy it for future use in sustaining life as we know it. We are doing that by such activities as massive metallic sulfide mineral extraction and processing, and the creation and release into the environment of water soluble man-made chemicals that are not naturally occurring such as persistent bio-accumulating toxins that disrupt normal, healthy biological and genetic processes.

And humans are similarly damaging and destroying the geological features of the planet that filter and biologically clean and store pure, fresh water as a sustainable, potentially perpetual resource. We are, for example, destroying glacial and ice-field storage of pure fresh water by human caused global warming, and we are mechanically destroying ground water storage basins and vaults by industrial processes such as proliferating "fracking", drilling, and mining exploration, extraction, and processing activities. We are concurrently chemically destroying these potential and actual groundwater storage basins by the injection, both underground and in surface waters, of vast quantities of toxic residues of civilization and it's uncontrolled industrial processes.

We can reverse this ominous, life-destroying direction if we choose. In the United States, we the people can decide to enact two critically important Constitutional Amendments.

We need an Amendment that will establish (in direct contrast to several corrupt and completely unjustifiable Supreme Court rulings) that a corporation does not possess any of the Constitutional rights that are defined as the rights of a "person". This correction will allow (as the Founders actually intended) the people, themselves, and through their elected representatives in state and federal government, to regulate and control corporate power. Instead of government that is of, by, and for the people, we currently have government that is by and for the corporations and the super-rich. We cannot protect the water as long as government is controlled by corporations.

And we need the Seventh Generation Amendment, which will mandate that the use of water and air shall not impair the right of future generations to use and enjoy those natural resources.

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent video.

Anonymous said...

No conscience.