Monday, March 8, 2010

Scott Walker's Bus System Failing Even Faster

Walker usually blames Tom Ament for County financial flaws, but this time he has other scapegoats in mind. Ah, leadership.


Anonymous said...

I thought Marquette grads were taught a value system of helping your fellow man and honesty. Scott is failing us and the beliefs taught to him. Unless he doesn't believe in those things. Not a person we should elect to any post beyond street sweeper.

Anonymous said...

Funny how Walker thinks that reduction in service as well as fare increases do not affect ridership levels.... just the lack of jobs is the reason for poor bus usage. Talk about not seeing the BIG picture!

jpk said...

Every economic analysis of bus ridership, using the most advanced regression models (and some use price elasticity models), shows that the most important factor is fare cost.

The economy is also a factor, yes, as is weather, highway budgets, route availability, etc.

But fare is most important. Lower fares and you should see significant gains in ridership.

Walker doesn't know what he's talkin' about. Hines seems to be on target here.

James Rowen said...

Walker has little interest in the true inner workings of public services.

Besides, he's busy now with that detail-free 250,000-job-creation pledge.