Monday, March 29, 2010

Bad News Bores

Caught a few snippets this morning on Milwaukee's AM righty talk radio shows, and as they went to town ripping Tom Barrett over the Zoo Interchange bridge repair - - as if he controlled this out-of-Milwaukee project - - it came to me:

The Right loves bad news.

High unemployment? Great! It'll weaken Pres. Obama, and lead to the failure wished upon him, and the nation, by Rush Limbaugh.

Blizzards that tied up entire cities this winter? Great! In their anti-science, ahistorical world, a surplus of winter snow must mean there is no such thing as global warming - - when the issue is climate change, and that includes more intense storms in all seasons.

Now it's traffic congestion in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Do the talkers really care about it? No - - they love it, because it allows them to demagogue for Scott Walker, and no one is loving motorists' unhappiness right now more than Walker.

Compassionate conservatives?

Hah. If misery loves company, these guys will be your pals for life.

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