Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In The Senate, More "No" For The GOP, Country

The Republican Party will continue its negative strategy, if you can call it one, in a futile attempt to derail health care legislation in Senate, reports the Washington Post.

This one-note, isolationist approach won't resonate much farther than the GOP's already-stoked base - - about 40% of the electorate, maybe.

They say they intend to carry this plan right through the election, hoping for Tea Partiers' votes, which means they will have lug along all those goofballs' excesses - - the racial and homophobic taunts, the crazed talk radio foaming and I'm guessing that will drive the middle back towards the Democrats.

Because they Democrats can say they are solving problems and governing while the Republicans and their shock troops are busy acting out.

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