Monday, March 22, 2010

Laugh Along With Cong. Randy ("Baby Killer") Neugebauer's Plea For Civil Communication

Why am I a Republican?

"Recently, a well known conservative pollster challenged a group of women to come up with a 7 second answer to the question, “Why I am a Republican?”.

Her challenge was to encourage conservatives to quit being attractive to an elite group of ourselves. We should be the party that has our arms open to those that are now disenfranchised with the Democratic party and with our President. In order to win back the majority we need to be on the offense.

As conservatives, we know that we have the right ideas, the right message, the right values. But, we have to have a way to communicate that effectively.

We can dominate the conversation with statistics and facts - but winning their vote isn’t attainable unless we are open to being personable.

Let’s return to our roots of being the party of the great communicator. Republicans had that idea long before Obama. So, why should we allow him to be the only one making friends?

The conservative movement is the place to be. We have great ideas and a passion to get America back on the right track and back in the majority.

So, why are you a Republican?

The next time you hear a liberal talking politics—join the conversation! Let them know why you are a conservative Republican and invite them to join you.

You may be surprised at the number of people who have traditionally voted Democrat, but are willing to hear what you have to say."

That was the end of his statement.

[Here is his admission, fyi: ]

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