Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Talgo Train Plant Set For Milwaukee: Facts And Myths

Tom Daykin has the facts and even dives into the comment section to undo some of the myths.

This is a great day for Milwaukee and its workforce.

When the wind turbine plant is up and running in the Valley, Milwaukee can begin to make a claim as a green-jobs, alternative-energy hub.

Many recent Milwaukee initiatives were catalogued here.


Anonymous said...

The whole thing is a myth.

It wouldn't and couldn't exist without huge subsidies.

Windmills and passenger rail are relics for a reason. There are better, cheaper ways to do the same job.

But, when you are follow the religion of extreme enviromentalism, you can't help yourself.


I wish you'd just admit you are part of a cult and let us rescue you.

If we let you have your way, we'd power everything with hamsters.

James Rowen said...

Actually, today's wind turbines and train engines are high-tech and save large amounts of energy, or provide clean power - - all beneficial.

anonymous 2 said...

and now jobs in Milwaukee, too . . . and an increased tax base . . . and re-use of abandoned factories, brownfields, and empty spaces in the city . . .
the benefits are multiple.