Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spin On UWM County Grounds Plan Is Dizzying

UWM oversells its unfunded and land-gobbling County Grounds construction proposal as the greatest regional development idea going (I thought that was Lake Michigan water to Waukesha!) - - thus making land conservationists and environmentalists into regional meanies, or worse.

The backers of this plan will need more than hype and PR to make it authentic and attractive and good for the County Grounds, too.

UWM is behaving like a cereal maker rolling out its new Sugar Cube Nuggets as a healthy breakfast and intimating that critics who dampen the enthusiasm might end up hurting production workers and ad staffers.

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Anonymous said...

Oddly, despite my nearly universal disagreement with you, I still don't get how this idea makes any sense at all.

Butterflies however are the silliest argument you have to offer.

Anyone who has ever witnessed the Lake Michigan migration of them will tell you that they don’t rely on that little patch of ground. They migrate in swarms like locust and they are not all headed to the County Grounds.

They have tens of thousands of places to go.

Ahh, yes, I know, urban sprawl this and that, etc.

Much like the human population that moves to better places that haven’t been ruined by the hands of liberals, Monarchs will find land that suits their needs unspoiled by conservatives.

Nature is a free market.