Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Right Wing Talk Radio Stirring The Pot, Again And Again

Yesterday's low-lights from the world of rightist hysteria on the radio:

Rush Limbaugh ranting that President Obama is divisive - - look who's talking - - and that voters need to "wipe out" the Democrats who supported the health care bill.

Another big-microphone talker in New York threw out this ignorant and contradictory - - but demagogic line about the health care bill - - "[It's] Communism, socialism, fascism, whatever you call it, that's not what this country was designed to be."

Details here.

Followed later by Michael Savage claiming that Obama is being allowed to seize power in ways never attempted by a Caucasian President - - along with a prediction that Obama will be President for 40 years once 32 million illegal aliens - - mostly "la Raza" - - get the vote, because a bill will be passed to eliminate what Savage called "term limits."

Aside from being ridiculous, Savage knows that passage of a mere bill will do nothing because the two-term Presidential term limit is in the US Constitution and would need a vote of three -quarters of the states for ratification.

The fear-mongering and race-baiting continues, though there are voices of reason elsewhere.

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enoughalready said...

WTMJ is mistaken if it thinks it can air the vile Savage without facing a backlash in its ratings. I can't be the only one who is less inclined to listen to WTMJ due to its obviously low standards. (I will still listen to parts of an occasional Brewers game, but that is about it.)

Ditto, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and its opinion columnist, Patrick McIlheran (sp?). I won't even consider becoming a subscriber as long as he remains at the paper. (Besides, why subscribe when I can get as much info as I want online for free?)