Monday, March 29, 2010

GOP Gone Wild

Yeah, they're the party of fiscal responsibility.

Top two graphs from The Washington Post disclosure story, above:

The Republican National Committee spent tens of thousands of dollars last month on luxury jets, posh hotels and other high-flying expenses, according to new Federal Election Commission filings, including nearly $2,000 for "meals" at Voyeur West Hollywood, a lesbian-themed nightclub that features topless dancers in bondage outfits.

The RNC spent more than $17,000 on private jet travel in Febuary as well as nearly $13,000 for limousines, according to the documents. The GOP's main political committee also ran up tabs at numerous posh hotels, including the Beverly Hills Hotel ($9,000); the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons ($6,600) and the W Hotel in Washington ($15,000), and spent more than $43,000 on its controversial midwinter meeting in Hawaii, not including airfare.


Ron R said...

Yes, and I'm sure the DNC is shuttling their people around in Yugos and looking for the light left on at Motel 6. Both sides are a bunch of arrogant asses, you just choose to point out one side while giving a big pass to the other.

James Rowen said...

Believe me, if the DNC did this I would be the first to yell about it.