Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Illegal Trucks Damaged Zoo Bridge

So reports the Journal Sentinel.

I don't believe Tom Barrett was driving any of them.

An expert tells me that a truck weighing the legal limit does the damage to the roadway equal to 800 cars, so imagine the excess wear and tear from 48,000 illegal trucks.


Anonymous said...

Oh come on JamesBo.

The thing failed becaues it outlived its useful life.

Get over it - it is that simple.

How pathetic.

Anon Jim said...

The only question is whether JamesBo actually believes this spin or knowingly passes it the load of manure it is.

Rough week for Doyle with lots of "chickens coming home to roost" with the media coverage of the looted Medical Malpractice fund and the farce of the Wisconsin Covenant.

James Rowen said...

I have been in touch with experts who confirmed what the newspaper then reported: huge numbers of illegally-loaded trucks ate that bridge alive.

One of every six trucks running illegally through the Zoo has taken its toll, so to speak.

Anon Jim said...

Are these they same experts Mayor Barrett consulted when he wrote urging delaying the reconstruction of the Zoo interchange?

Guess that turned out to be false and gave us the Barrett Bypass.

And are you sure those were "illegal" trucks, or were they just undocumented?

James Rowen said...

My trucking expert has no connection to the Barrett administration.