Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blogger Calls Regional Water Payment "Extortion"

It's exactly this kind of name-calling, this dismissal of a real regional approach to Milwaukee problems in favor of Waukesha exceptionalism, that will push Milwaukee officials to dig their heels in on a water deal contract.

Waukesha might find a deal with Racine or Oak Creek that does not include regional cost-sharing, but the pipes to bring in the water will be longer and more expensive.

Their water is more expensive and of lesser-quality than Milwaukee's, and their treatment plants may need major expansions - - which I assume will be paid for by Waukesha.

Having to meet these costs isn't being called extortion, but it will surely be pricey.

State Sen. Mary Lazich, (R-New Berlin) went down that goofy road to attack New Berlin's deal with Milwaukee that included a $1.5 million payment for the 20-year deal.

$75,000 a year - - or 12 cents to each Milwaukeean annually.

Some extortionists, those Milwaukee thieves!

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