Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Zoo Interchange; More Questions Than Answers

WisDOT Secretary Frank Busalacchi's news conference in Milwaukee today brought the welcome news that a troubled Zoo Interchange bridge could be more quickly replaced - - like about seven weeks early ! - - but that leaves two big questions:

Why did the Secretary say last week that it would take until Memorial Day to get the bottleneck fixed?

And will WisDOT and the State Patrol enforce a weight limit on the new span - - not merely posting it but enforcing it? - - so that overweight trucks don't have the green light to run through and tear up new surfaces and spans, and the older pavement and supports, too?

And the other structures in the interchange: can we get some enforcement there, also, now that we have had this debacle?

OK - - that's three questions, but you get my drift.

To me, it seems as if WisDOT is lurching around, with orders being fired and contracts being let, and none of this inspires confidence in the daily leadership and strategic direction of the Department from the Madison home office.

I'm glad to see that the inconveniences are going to be be lessened, but it all sure does leave you wondering when the next shoes will drop.

Can we get some answers?


Anonymous said...

They did the enforcement. Everyone driving through knows that... that question remains silly. Driving a legal weight truck over a limited bridge is not the problem.

But you are right about the timing. This thing just stinks.

Nick said...

Seriously... you are complaining about this? With all the whining you do, I would think you'd be thrilled to see the whole thing fall down, and never get replaced.

James Rowen said...

Nick - - that is a really useless remark.

Marc Eisen said...

Jim: Two things that are wrong with America and apparently will never, ever change for the better:
1. Young men who think it's cool to wear baseball caps backwards.
2. Anonymous bloggers and commenters who confuse snark with wit and insight.
Don't know if Nick is guilty of the first, but he is of the second.

James Rowen said...

Thanks, Marc: Well said.