Thursday, March 18, 2010

Walker And Neumann Are Too Funny

i have to post a link to an absolutely hilarious story by Dan Bice about Mark Neumann's opposition to the federal stimulus money - - except when it benefits his businesses.

This one day after his GOP gubernatorial primary opponent Scott Walker blasted Gov. Jim Doyle for using executive powers to buy high-speed trains - - powers that Walker voted for when he was a legislator.

Because Tommy Thompson (R) was in office, and was a train buff.

Walker has had so many flip-flops on the stimulus - - he's against it, but then for it if helps local roads, for example - - that it's dizzying to try and track them.

Don't these guys know that you need some consistency, some logic and coherent beliefs to be a leader, and that the contradictions and omissions are available to anyone with a laptop?

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