Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stuart Carslon's Cartoon Genius Is Now Online

Stuart Carlson's cartooning is no longer carried in the Journal Sentinel, but he's created a website that brings you his work.

Funny that Stuart sent me a note about his website, as I had just been reading through a book of Herb Block's cartoons that my folks had passed along to me.

My Dad and Block were colleagues at the Washington Post, so I was raised on the very best political cartooning and Carlson is certainly in that upper echelon.

The cartoonist has to have a sharp mind, pen and vocabulary. It's a rare combination and I'm really happy that Carlson can now get his work on the web.

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JPK said...

My favorite Carlson was his cartoon of Scott Walker's vision of transit (2007). It came out after a hilarious Walker moment of confusion and ignorance about transit -- when he said his goal was to make sure everyone had a car.

In the cartoon Walker's on the Marq Interchange, bumper to bumper, jampacked with cars. Walker says "I call it 'no vehicle left behind'!" Brilliant.