Thursday, May 14, 2009

Clean Wisconsin Explains Its Intervention In Waukesha Water Rate Case

Op-ed, here.


Anonymous said...

I'll admit I am a resident of the city of Waukesha. The arguments about returning the water to the lake basin seems to be nothing more than someone with a grudge sticking to us.
I can't pretend to know all the politics behind this intervention but if Waukesha is to be penalized so should Miller Brewing or any other corporation who takes water from the lake then ships it out of the area.

James Rowen said...

Any community outside of the basin that is allowed to take out water has to return it - - with an allowance for water consumed.

That standard applies to every community near the Great Lakes basin, in the eight states that border it. It has nothing to do with Waukesha, per se.

Water used in a product like Miller Beer can be consumed and not returned.

Water consumed in similar usage outside of the basin by a community like Waukesha also does not have to return that portion consumed, so Waukesha is being treated as Miller is.

No one is sticking anything to Waukesha.

Todd F said...

I highly recommend reading "The Great lakes Water Wars" by Peter Annin for insight into the history of this issue.