Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hotel On The Lakefront? More Buzz

I began hearing a couple of weeks ago that planning discussions about locating the new UW-M School of Freshwater Science at the former Pieces of Eight restaurant site - -  along with some some private sector water industry offices - -  included a hotel in the complex.

People told me there was no hotel in the plan.

Now Bruce Murphy has heard hotel-on-the-lakefront talk, too, and, predictably, it is running into opposition from the good folks at the Milwaukee Art Museum who are not keen on a hotel so close to the Calatrava addition.

And can you blame them?

There's a public hearing on the issue next Friday, May 28th, at 6 p.m. in room 301-B, City Hall.

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Dave Reid said...

The hotel idea (it was a concept floated at the downtown planing meeting) also involved creating a new public plaza, new greenspace, and improved pedestrian access to the lake front. It is a good, no great idea. To be clear the idea does not have the hotel on the lake front parkland or the pieces of eight site. I would think folks at the MAM and Discovery World would love having this added to the area, as hotel guests would likely visit the attractions. Finally, the School of Freshwater Sciences is completely separate and unrelated to this idea.