Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Obama To Raise Vehicle MPG Standards, Saving Energy, And US Car Industry

Pres. Obama keeps on keeping his campaign promises.

This week's installment comes Tuesday, when US industry leaders and environmentalists gather to endorse tougher fuel conservation mandates and engine efficiencies that will save energy, reduce reliance on foreign oil, further clean the air and help US automakers meet a uniform, national standard.

Led by oil industry insiders, the Bush administration turned down this approach, helping insure its demise, along with its party's tumble, too.

So the new administration, bringing change, moves quickly to implement the new standards in a reasonable time frame that gives industry certainty and clarity.

Righty talkers will attack the consensus announcement as communistic, or fascistic, but rally - - who cares?


Anonymous said...

Consensus, you must be joking! Obama basically owns GM and Chrysler. I guess if these standards go into effect, the environmental people will have their wish that we all will be driving clown cars. Many people in Wisconsin have boats, horse trailers, etc, and due to the laws of physics, something that even the great Obama must obay, the lighter a truck gets, the less towing capacity there will be.

As to his campaign promises, How many tax cheats and lobbyist are in his administration?

Do not give me any anti-Bush talking points.

James Rowen said...

Yes, it is a consensus plan because environmentalists and industry, often on opposite sides of the debate, are in agreement.

The fuel standards will be industry-wide, so there will still be larger vehicles and trucks built.

Obama doesn't own these business. Taxpayers are loaning them money. Big difference.

We're in month four of his Presidency.

There are extraordinary circumstances and they are being met with solutions.

The sky is not falling.

Anonymous said...

Jim, I think you are smarter than This. The Obama administration own those car companies. Look what they did to the bond holders. There was no consensus,just you go along or else. I hope all this works out, but it will not. The government is going to force people to buy the cars that the government wants them to buy, by only producing these death traps or raising the gas taxes so much that people cannot aford a bigger car.

I cannot not wait until 2010 and then 2012. I thought that it would take Obama and the Dems longer to overreach, they did it in 4 months. When the sheep that voted for Obama, realize the consequences for his idiotic policies, he will barely surive his first term.

For the record, I am a moderate who voted for Clinton twice

James Rowen said...

To Anon: I think you are catastrophizing. GM will come out of its bankruptcy and be viable. This is the point: this is saving GM; it was going down and just letting it fail does nothing but spread misery.

The administration is dealing at the same time with energy and conservation and air quality.

Neither the Bush administration, or McCain, was likely to have this broad a view.

That's what the election was all about.