Monday, May 11, 2009

Milwaukee Water Works Stimulus Funding Announcement Tuesday Morning w/Governor

Gov. Jim Doyle travels to Milwaukee to announce a stimulus grant to the city's water works Tuesday.

Announcement is at 11:30 a.m. at the city's southside treatment plant on Howard Ave.

[Tuesday update: I got a little ahead of things: What was announced was the availability of funding, and a competitive process. Still a good use of stimulus funding.]


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Where did you get this information?

johnsturg said...

Interested in the possible privatization of MMSD operations that surfaced recently.

Lemme get this straight: access to water has finally made it as a critical issue going into the 21st century. Control of water will make or break cities, regions, nations.

So what's the first thing the supposedly water-savvy Milwaukee area officials look at doing? Lock in a 99-year deal that hands over control of Wisconsin water to a private company whose only responsibility is to their own shareholders.

I know, I know: they haven't done it yet. But think -- what's the price of water gonna be in 20 years or 80 years? What with global warming, drought and over-development elsewhere? No reason to think that water will be metered accurately or managed in the public interest.

Which would you rather have? The 6 magic beans now -- or an intact system and water for the next 100 years?

James Rowen said...

To the last Anon: Not MMSD. The Milwaukee Water Works.

To the second Anon: I have my sources.

The the first Anon: I probably agree, though I am hearing some green options got left on the table...

James Rowen said...

I meant "To the last Anon..."

I gotta stop writing so quickly.