Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bus Service Extended To Lake Express Dock

A victory for transit connections: 

Milwaukee County buses will begin stopping at the Lake Express ferry dock June 14th.

It took five years of pressure to get the connection made.

I still believe that there will eventually be light rail service in and through the downtown to the lakefront, but for now, let's celebrate this victory.


Anonymous said...

Most buses are a waste of money. I'm a city resident and realize that low income residents and college students use buses. These lines are valuable to the community. But most routes I see here on the far southside are empty. Why are we paying thousands per week on empty routes, or at least the empty sections. People act as if cutting a bus line is killing the jobs for needy and disabled people. MCTS needs to cut costs by selling off those giant buses and replacing them with smaller southridge route type of buses and shortening unused routes.

Joseph Thomas Klein said...

You said Light Rail again. Nobody will ride it!

Just look at Charlotte!

James Rowen said...

Transit is there for many people who use it. We need choices in our transportation modalities. Many roads and runways are empty often, or used heavily at peak intervals, but are there when needed.

Anonymous said...

james the difference is that were not paying for roads to sit empty.

James Rowen said...

Anon: Of course you are. Government ( you/I) pay 100% of the cost of all roads through gas, property and other taxes, plus fees.