Friday, May 1, 2009

Day Seven: Time Warner Can't Deliver Bundled Services

I had been adding periodic updates to a posting I put up Sunday documenting our various hassles with Time Warner and its inability to deliver phone, Internet and cable television services at the same time.

This is now day seven of these service failures, and of much wasted time trying to get Time Warner to restore and deliver services. On Tuesday we were told that a tech would work on the nearby pole, restoring all the services, within 24-72 hours.

They've got two hours to go.

I'd call Time Warner, but the land line they activated here is still dead, and frankly, I'm tired of burning up my cell phone minutes and sitting on hold, or in voicemail purgatory, so I'm off to a borrowed office where I can use a modern computer connection, a land line and a fax.

But before I leave I am going to email (yes, I have some Internet 'service,' but it's like having circa 1995 dial-up) this posting to the company.

Friday evening update: All services are restored. Very nice tech showed up. The Internet is still slow but working.


jpk said...

Time Warner's license is regulated by the City.

Whenever their service gets sloppy, residents should remember to call their local officials (i.e. alderman).

If the local official is worth his or her salt, constituent problems usually get bumped to a higher priority.

Ron said...

Your internet is slow/ Have you run a speed test. That could tell whether your connection is slow or your computer is a POS.