Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Milwaukee Water Works Privatization Feels Like A Done Deal

You read between the lines of this comprehensive piece, and you don't see a strong voice in City Hall slowing down the water privatization deal-making.

Once the consultant gets hired, and that person or firm puts the deal together, it's done.


Todd F said...

I saw this over at the K-POW forum and wonder if this is true and if so shouldn't it have a negative impact on the argument in favor of privatization:
"During the Steering & Rules
Committee meeting on Nov. 19, 2008, the Superintendent of the Milwaukee Water
Works, Carrie Lewis, admitted that if the Water Works maintained a fund balance
equivalent of two years of operating expenses, then any revenue over this amount
could be funneled into the City's general operating funds. "

enoughalready said...

Water privatization is very scary to me.

And I have been disappointed -- but not surprised, sadly -- by the lack of coverage in the Journal-Sentinel of the many ways that privatization has contributed to the current global water crisis.