Friday, May 22, 2009

Statewide Coalition Organizing Against Nuclear Power Expansion In Wisconsin

A coalition of organizations is making the case that nuclear power plants are expensive and dangerous.

And the coalition is getting some decent ink.

Puts the current flirtation with nukes into perspective.

Details here.


Clint said...

They emit what 0 greenhouse gas? They eliminate a need for fossil fuel. They are safe. Unless you believe we use Chernobyl era technology. Nuclear waste is the achilles heel, but you cant have cake and eat it too with electricity production. Renewables are not powerful or cost effective. Nuclear is a better option than coal.

xoff said...

The choice is not between nuclear and coal. Available renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies are faster, cheaper, safer and cleaner strategies for reducing greenhouse emissions than nuclear power.

Nuclear waste is indeed the achilles heel. Current law says that until that huge problem is solved, Wisconsin should not license any new reactors to produce more of the deadly high level radioactive waste. That is common sense. And that's all nuclear power opponents are asking.