Friday, May 1, 2009

Sky Falls, Again, Says Talk Radio

Possible sales tax increases to finance local transit and other basic public services were approved by the legislature for some southeastern Wisconsin counties, including Milwaukee, where the bus system has been allowed to wither under gubernatorial wannabee Scott Walker.

New services regionally could be added and coordinated, bringing the region up competitively and better connecting it with Chicago.

The Kenosha-Racine-Milwaukee commuter train now stands a good chance of getting underway through an increase in car rental taxes, too.

Some details here.

In response, conservative talk radio this morning sounded the Sky Is Falling alarm.

Since Bill Clinton's election, and with the minute-by-minute on-air catastrophizing since the emergence of Barack Obama as a political force, today's Sky Is Falling alerts put the number of alerts at 17,328.



Ron said...

I'm waiting to see if the total passes the NPR & Airhead America "Sky Is Falling" count of 17,386,841,183 for 2001-2008.

James Rowen said...

To Ron: And I thought I had been wasting MY time with all that counting...

colt said...

I thought the feds said only a sales tax or gas tax would get the $$ for KRM.
That did NOT happen thinking that KRM is dead dead dead and both Mason and Lehman are gone!