Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Wisconsin Lawyer/Blogger Says Butler's One Of The Nation's Best

The blogger/lawyer Illusory Tenant reached that conclusion after reading scads of Justice Louis Butler's opinions during extensive research for the last few weeks of bloggers' battles over the Butler-Gableman tilt.

Which Illusory Tenant says is no contest.

The key graph:

"Louis Butler is one of the smartest and best judges in Wisconsin. Having recently plowed through dozens of Butler's written opinions, there is no doubt about that. And he's not just one of the smartest and best judges in Wisconsin, I'd argue he's one of the smartest and best in the country. Mike Gableman is ... well, unfortunately, Mike Gableman. Gableman's entire campaign has been premised on falsehoods and personal attacks intended to tear down the personal and professional integrity of a good man. It's clear he could only fail spectacularly on that account. And it's equally clear that that's the best he could come up with."


Anonymous said...

I guess since he/she says so, it must be so. Why should we even have an election, just give Butler a life time term. You liberals make me laugh

James Rowen said...

The attack on Butler was no laughing matter.

Gableman's campaign and not the third-party groups ran the race-baiting ad that brought down so much condemnation.

If conservatives wanted a campaign based on issues, they needed to demand that Gableman take down the ad and get back to issues.

Sykes said the ad should be taken down because it was misleading, but didn't deal with the race card that Gableman played.

And Gableman wouldn't pull the ad, so he liked his handiwork.

The debate among Rick Esenberg, Illusory Tenant and Mike Plaistad, all attorney bloggers, is worth your reading, if you have the time.

Anonymous said...

I'm fairly sure iT was for Butler before he examined cases.

Other Side said...

anony 9:15 I suppose if Owen Robinson had said so, then it must have been so.