Friday, April 11, 2008

Business Publication Lays Out The Staggering Costs Of Tar Sand Oil Extraction

A financial services company has produced an informative paper on the staggering financial and environmental costs of tar sand oil extraction.

These are the sources from Alberta, Canada that will supply Great Lakes oil refineries with new supplies of crude oil, including Murphy Oil's likely seven-fold expanded operation in Superior, and other firms' operations in Indiana and Michigan.

It's definitely worthwhile reading.

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Anonymous said...

That's unfortunate. Everytime a "new" energy source comes along, I get my hopes up. I'm not concerned about our running out of oil anytime soon. Those predictions have fallen flat for decades. But I would dearly love to see some of the world's most pernicious regimes -- Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Venezuela -- defunded and defanged. . .