Thursday, April 24, 2008

Great Lakes Compact Legislation Losing Priority, Visibility reports that the Great Lakes Compact bill could be dealt with in next week's special legislative session in tandem with a much-needed state budget repair bill - - raising the possibility that the Compact bill gets even less attention and appropriate fine-tuning.

And opens the door to the cutting of deals that have nothing to do with water policy, and everything to do with unrelated state finances.

There has to be a separation of these two matters, and full sunshine throughout.


Jim Bouman said...


You are right--absolutely right--on the issues, day after day.

I admire and praise the way you return each-and-every-day to the principled argument in support of the precious legacy--our legacy, our responsibility--for the Great Lakes. Your continued challenge to us is to find the deep underlying, principled interest in the long-term, the legacy to our children and generations beyond.

This community is enriched and enlivened by your passionate, principled advocacy for our patrimony, our childrens' future--the Great Lakes and its basin.


James Rowen said...

Well, thank you, Jim. I'm glad that you, too, keep posting items from Waukesha. It's an education for me.