Sunday, April 20, 2008

Campaign On Something Positive

As someone who's had an AARP card for a while, I think attacks on Sen. John McCain over his age are stupid and counter-productive.

It's one thing to have an opinion, another thing to verbalize them.

McCain is vulnerable to political criticism over issues, particularly the Iraq War. Isn't that enough?


Jo Egelhoff, said...

Brag about having an AARP card? About being older and wiser, yes. But having an AARP card? I'm proud of never having sent them a dime.

James Rowen said...

Seems to me I paid once, or perhaps not.
Hard to remember.

Anonymous said...

I recall in the 1980s another Democrat tried to make age an issue of a Presidential candidate. That worked, didn't it?

Dave1 said...

AARP offerred me a membership at age 47 .... I accepted and have more than paid for it with senior citizen discounts.

Once I get old enough to actually look like a senior, I'll probably drop it.