Monday, April 7, 2008

Dave Zweifel Calls Out The WMC

Madison Capital Times emeritus editor Dave Zweifel calls out the WMC for its blatant Supreme Court seat buying.

He also publishes the names and businesses represented on the WMC board - - a good list for Wisconsin consumers and voters to peruse.

More information about the WMC is here, at WMCWatch.


Anonymous said...

Could some folks get together, pick one or two of the worst WMC offenders, and organize a public (and not just blogged) protest/campaign/boycott against them????

Soglin's picketing was a good start. we need to take it up a notch. AND NOW. Before they get half a chance to try to take down Justice Abrahamson.

Anonymous said...

Will the names of the WEAC henchmen be posted as well?? Will the WEAC offices be targeted??

Face it - the right's 500 pound gorilla beat the left's 500 pound gorilla. And all you cry babies can do is continue to, well, cry.

James Rowen said...

to the second anony:

Only Gableman played the race card.