Monday, April 14, 2008

Dave Zweifel Tracks The Growing Anti-WMC Effort

Dave Zweifel at the Capital Times provides the links to the expanding Internet-based effort in our state to unmask the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce.

The impetus for these activities was certainly the millions of dollars that the WMC spent in 2007-2008 on sleazy ads that supported pro-business candidates.

Wait until hundreds of groups and their members statewide - - environmental, hunting & fishing, public health, water conservation, transit and others - - make the connections and discover that the WMC is blocking logical approaches to problem-solving in their issue areas, and more.

Could be the beginning of a consumer revolt against a group that has become increasingly partisan, and ideological, at the expense of our state's common ground.

Some pieces of the story about the WMC's continuing tilt to the right on a broad front, and its harshly self-serving agendas, are here.

In the spirit of citizen journalism, forward your suggestions for additional inquiry or disclosure about the WMC right here and I will pass them on to the appropriate investigators.

Or utilize the links that Dave Zweifel posted as a convenient shortcut.

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